Signs of Phrasing
This is an ongoing graphic design series, where I have used signs and symbols we interact with in everyday life. Designed to be universal tokens to invoke a specific emotion, no street signs are completely free from subjectivity. I aim to explore how our interaction with design creates a uniquely personal experience and a sense of ownership.
Cut and run with scissors
Our brains are designed to be brilliantly uncreative. We form patterns and use such fixed patterns on every possible occasion in the future. Challenged with a new experience, there is little opportunity for us to rationalise a complex reaction. 
Thus, in the commercial world, there is little demand for excellence and a much bigger demand for mediocrity. How do we widen our gaze? 
My exploration as a designer aims to examine the rules we fear to break the most. If I accept both the rationale and irrational, panic and anger, maybe I could unlearn the fundamental laws, which we’ve always believed are paramount. Finding opportunities in the primitive, like running with scissors. 
Good or bad, the influence of materialism is inevitable. Driven by trends and seasons, the altruistic nature of fast fashion seemingly sells this facade of originality, which ultimately can monopolise our individuality. 
Emblematic of this struggle is the suit. Wearing a suit can allow you to feel comfortable...But a suit can wear you. You conform to its shape, repressing your beliefs to follow blindly in faith to the iconology of this symbol.​​​​​​​
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